Revamp reinvents the experience of second-hand shopping to step away from the fast fashion industry and promote sustainable behavior. 

Identity & Brand Strategy



The fast fashion industry sells products at an affordable price, but at the cost of producing billions of pounds of textile waste a year and inhumane factory working conditions. Revamp is the result of a sustainable design group project with Jaimie Tulao and Esha Patel. Together, we researched the negative effects of the fast fashion industry, found different methods of sustainable consumerism, and produced the branding of Revamp.


Revamp is a company that reinvents the experience of second-hand shopping to discourage participating in the fast fashion industry and promote sustainable consumer behavior by fusing the uncommon second-hand shopping with a more familiar method of shopping online, specifically the clothing box subscription.



Our first idea was a community closet, modeled after the “free library” concept. After implementing the IDEO 100 post-it note brainstorming method, we decided to go for the monthly box subscription concept with the goal of making second-hand shopping more appealing to a wider audience.


Our photoshoots consisted of our own second-hand items to showcase that second-hand can be just as chic and trendy as fast fashion or high fashion. These photos were taken for the Revamp website and other potential social media accounts. The flatlays of outfits were also of second-hand materials and used for the website. These flatlays were primarily used to visually represent the different style packages one can purchase through the site.


revamp_box_collageLike with high fashion, where they have seasonal collections, we designed our packaging to be designed by season: Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter. Each box was hand painted with watercolor to give each one a freeform, eccentric, personalized look that matches the attitude of our company, because no two Revamp purchase will be the same. To continue with a sustainability mindset, the boxes were designed to have a life after storage. The “Revamp Your Box” stickers provide ideas for customers to think more sustainably about their packaging and how they can reuse and recycle.