Design and the Play Instinct

A redesign of Paul Rand’s Design and the Play Instinct that visually matches the light-hearted feel of “play” with new graphic elements.

Book Layout Design

DES115 Book MockupPROJECT

This project showcases my knowledge of the fundamentals of letterforms and typography, such as layout, visual hierarchy, grid systems, and the integration of type and image by redesigning Paul Rand’s book Design & The Play Instinct.

By taking only the text and images from Rand’s book, I had full creative freedom on how I created my visual interpretation of what “design” and “play” would look like as a rebranded and redesigned book.


My goal was to create a classic, minimal look to match the importance and simplicity of Paul Rand’s pioneering design work with a bright key color of orange and accents of triangles to incorporate the idea of play. To me, I find that orange, as a warm color, is associated with happiness and playfulness. The graphic elements of triangles adds another level of play throughout the pages of the book.